Backend for Mobile App Developer

Backend for Mobile App Developer

Backend for Mobile App Developer can be varied in different services. Backend services that are available these days are providing solution to help developers build a solution such as mobile apps or web apps.

Mobile Apps market is very high due to its benefits in helping people do their task in daily life. Mobile apps for entertainment such as photo editor or games are also favorite for many people.

Startup and enterprise are building their mobile apps in Backend Service to make sure that they can build their mobile apps faster. If you are starting to develop mobile apps, here are some options of Backend for mobile app android and ios :

Backend for Mobile App for Android and iOS

1. Backendless

Backendless is a development and run-time platforms. It helps software developers to create mobile and desktop applications while eliminating the need for server-side coding. The platform consists of six core developers backend services that are usually spent carrying out for each new application.

Backendless provide tools and analytic for developers to build their mobile apps. It makes developer easier to build their apps because its simplicity. Backendlss charges for your apps monthly. [Goto Backendless]

2. Mesosfer

mobile backend as a service for android ios

Mesosfer is for those who wants to build mobile apps and also IoT ecosystem. Not just building mobile apps, Mesosfer can calso connect your hardware device. Mesosfer Cloud platform feature include connect with embeded system, IoT Peripherals, and beacon device. Which makes it a lot easier for developers who also work on hardware devices. In a single platform, developers can manage mobile app, web apps, and hardware devices.

Mesosfer charge starts from $15 per month, but they’re also available for free trial. The free trial is pretty amazing. SDK available and 1 Mio RESTful API and many features available. [Goto Mesosfer]

3. Kumulos

Kumulos backend cloud platform as a service (Baas) enables application developers like you to easily integrate cool features in iOS and Google Android applications. Cloud backend as a service platform as Kumulos allows application developers to store, manage and access their data via the cloud and allows you to develop the backend features to your application within minutes.

Kumulos is suitable for Mobile App Agencies. It’s easy to use, easy pricing, and easy on the eye which means intuitive & logical interface with a clean and modern design. Kumulos charge is around $25 per month but it’s also available for free trial.

The Backend Service provider comes with various features available. Make sure you understand the features that you need because choosing backend service is easier when you already know what your mobile apps needs. [Goto Kumulos]