Why Mobile Developers Prefer Mobile Backend as a Service (Mbaas) Provider

Why Mobile Developers Prefer Mobile Backend as a Service (Mbaas) Provider

There are several Mobile Backend as a Service (Mbaas) Provider that provides services to Startup, with more affordable pricing, and services Mobile Backend as a Service (Mbaas) Provider for Startup meet some of the things below.

Actually, the mobile services backend almost identical, but as a startup you should be smart in choosing a provider. Because it affects your development journey ahead. In realistic terms, you need to save money primarily to pay for a server when you first create a mobile app services created, using either Android or iOS.

ormally startup beginners always hoped to use the service free, but when you start to have traction you need to be realistic to spend money to make your app more relevant and build better infrastructure.

Full Stack Management Database.

Some Mbaas, using a single database table, meaning that all data you upload stored in one table only, physically. It is usually the access speed could be better, but you will be more difficult to build a relation database, due to the limitations table.

Going forward, kalaian will be more difficult in managing 3party API integration with your partner, of course, you'll need a lot of integration with companies or other services.


Another important feature is the possibility to FullREST API, so you can easily to integrate with other services components, other than that you could make relations with many possibilities, ranging from POST GET PUT DELETE. Possible to fetch the data will be easier.

Actually, with his existing FullREST API integration you can make it anywhere, any possibility of cross platfrom OS already allows. Such as the transfer of data from Android, iOS Web or Mobile base to base.

Integration SDK

Basically Mbaas always provides SDK with various integration with mobile OS such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Tizen OS. Additionally circuitry assistance from the provider SDK allows you to build faster.

Most mobile developers are always working to make its app can cross platfrom, or can be built in a wide variety of mobile OS.

Sometimes some developers need acceleration in app development, they end up using JSnative separately build one app with multiple OS platforms. Typically by using PhoneGap and Xamarin, with like that you can save time and development costs.

Push Notification

Almost all Mobile Backend as a Service (Mbaas) Providers have this feature, but sometimes you must re-integration with the APNS or FCM, however with Mesosfer Mbaas , you could make a push notification integration without integration into APNS or FCM. All providers must be the same in making basic services.

Push Notification become an important feature for mobile app, its a pity that not all developers to make this push notification integration into their app.

Due to the push notification you can measure intaraksi proximity to users mobile app. Additionally, push notification became an important part of the marketing process, because it is much cheaper than using regular sms.