Build a Mobile App Server Framework in 4 Days

Build a Mobile App Server Framework in 4 Days

I have received a lot of crazy, demand seems unlikely in time as the mobile developers. Sometimes we have to tell the client does not exist, or ask for more time, but other times, having the right tools and the right team in place that you need to get the job done well and on time. In this article, I will discuss how the team is distributed able to create Mobile App Server Framework with backend in just four days.

More recently, I have clients prepare for an upcoming event that the company will be hosting in a few months. He wants a full demonstration of mobile applications in four days, plus some improvements of existing mobile application, which is basically a mobile version of the site show but with less functionality.

Because clients in publishing, he wanted to cross-platform mobile applications which will promote the release of the company and attract readers by offering discounts for purchases of books on its website. He also wants to grow their customer base, drive loyalty by offering discounts and exclusive technology news for authenticated users. These applications must be able to authenticate a user to view an exclusive post. Some of the exclusive writings would "challenge" that can give users a discount code. These functions will require back-end servers running in the cloud, such as Amazon (AWS) sample, for example.

Creating a Mobile App Backend integration requires quite a lot. Unfortunately for the professional developer it is quite exhausting. Short steps they are directly using the mobile backend as a service to resolve the infrastructural problems of their mobile app. Many of the mobile developer using the Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a service because of their ease of managing users, and integration with push notification.

This application should also allow users to comment on posts. This is required for cross-platform and can run on Android, iOS, and Windows. At that time, there were only Android version, written in Java.